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Data & Business Analytics Services


Connect unlimited data sources into cohesive, real-time dashboards

Visualization will shorten decision time and boost decision accuracy.  This boosts profitability and reduces costs.

Remove the waste of "pulling numbers".  See everything in real-time.

"Covenant BI has empowered us to leverage data like never before, fueling our media company's expansion."

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Geoff C. Senior Director, Kingstar Media


Data Visualization

See what's happening in real time and why it happened. View history and predict trends.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive analytics show what will happen and how you can make it happen.

Data Cloud

Data Warehousing

Extract, Transform, and load data in real-time for easy updates and smooth visuals

Expert Implementation

Customizable Dashboards

Users have the ability to design and adjust dashboards to craft narratives that depict their organization's current status.

Automated Data Updates

Any new data added to your database is instantly and automatically reflected in your data visualizations in real-time.

Data Integration from Various Sources

Streamline financial, operational, and other business data into a central platform.

Flexible Data Storage Options

Choose between cloud-based or on-premise data storage solutions to match your organizational needs.

Real-time Interactive Dashboards

Real-time dashboards offer instant insights, enabling quick decision-making by dynamically presenting key metrics for real-time monitoring and response to changes in business performance.

Varied Power BI Subscription Models

Access Power BI through a range of subscription methods, each offering adaptable licensing options.

We'll get your data back on track

From recovery to new projcets, a consultant who cares.

BI Project Recovery

Need to fix a  project? We'll troubleshoot, fix, and even upgrade it for you!

Data Governance

Get industry knowledge on how to manage your data's usability, integrity, security, and availability.

Real-Time Dashboards

Craft experienced, consistent, effective visualizations for growth.

Increase in revenue

(Forrester Consulting)


With -8% Cost

Average success when a company deploys Power BI for Data Visualization 

Data-Intelligent orgs are 58% more likely to make or exceed their revenue.
Interested in why?

Why choose Us?

Covenant BI was formed with a vision of excellence. Our team is dedicated to your success and will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your goals. Let Covenant BI Tackle all of your Data Analytics needs.

It may seem trivial, but anyone can build a dashboard.  Can their experience prevent future problems?  Reliability comes with expertise, over a hundred effective dashboards later, you'll be glad you chose Covenant BI.

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You'll be in good company!

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