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KPI Workshop

The part where we understand your business, and priorities.

The KPI booklet we made for InvoHealth

We kick off our SuccessFlow Architecture with a one-day on-site visit to assess and understand business priorities and needs. We meet with key stakeholders, understand goals and pains, as well as what would constitute a win for this project. We develop a clear plan for KPI strategy and what your future dashboards need to look like.

Different leaders have different needs.  Gartner explains that culture is the single greatest barrier to a successful business intelligence project.

After the KPI workshop, we take 1-2 weeks to develop the roadmap and documented playbook. The playbook reveals the project's vision and high-level design.

After playbook delivery, we conduct a project kickoff meeting, and we are off to the races.

Let us take your data to the next level!

Curious what your KPIs would look like in a dashboard?

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