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Why Our BI Projects Don't Fail

According to Gartner:

"60% of big data projects will fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation and be abandoned"

The KPI booklet we made for InvoHealth

But we're different.
Here's how:

The biggest reason 60% of Power BI projects will fail is because teams are tempted to focus on exciting new technologies rather than what the client actually needs. So, we put the client first. We're proud to say that we've been praised on our listening skills countless times, and our deliverables always increase production and revenue partners, and give them the clarity into their numbers that they never had.

To avoid falling into the same trap as the majority of big data projects that are abandoned (due to focusing on the tools rather than the content), Gartner recommends starting with a problem where you can get a quick win, using outsourcing when you lack advanced expertise, and finding those internally who need to be convinced. Our approach aligns with these recommendations. 

Our SuccessFlow Architecture provides a framework that emphasizes quick wins, iterative development, and continuous improvement.


We start by assessing the needs of the business in a full-day, on-site KPI workshop to determine where we can best solve critical business intelligence needs. This approach helps us target rapid success and build momentum from there. 

If you're looking to take your data to the next level, we're here to help. 



Curious what your KPIs would look like in a dashboard?

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