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Power BI Examples

Take Power BI for a spin with these interactive Power BI demo dashboards designed to provide valuable insights into various business scenarios. Each subpage focuses on a specific topic and is loaded with dummy data. They each contain a fully interactive dashboard that allows you to explore the data and derive meaningful conclusions on what you might be able to create for your business with Power BI. Whether you're an experienced data analyst or a curious learner, these examples will showcase the versatility and power of Power BI for data visualization and analysis.

NOTE: These interactive visualizations are sourced directly through Microsoft and some functionality will be limited. The data being used is only for show and should not be construed as accurate.

Sales and Marketing Sample.png

Sales and Marketing Sample

regional sales sample.png

Regional Sales Sample

Human Resources Sample.png

Human Resources Sample

Employee Hiring and History.png

Employee Hiring and History

Customer Profitability Sample.png

Customer Profitiblity Sample

Corporate Spend.png

Corporate Spend

Store Sales.png

Store Sales

Competitive Marketing Analysis Report.png

Competitive Marketing

Revenue opportunities.png

Revenue Opportunities

Ready to make informed decisions and drive revenue with Power BI?

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