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Why Us?

Work with a company that brings real-world experience to the table.

Success may be uncommon for some, but not for us.

Our engineers have over 10 Years of Experience

As a company, we've been doing business intelligence for more than 10 years and have delivered hundres of reports, dashboards, and other intelligence assets to some of the world's most prestigious clients.

Business Intelligence is our exclusive focus and we've seen it all - from the ETL tools of the late 90's, the Closed Loop Marketing craze of the 2010's through to today's fully modernized data-lakes and marts.

BI is second nature to our team and each business we've worked with has had unique strengths waiting to be discovered and amplified. It's our pleasure to learn new businesses and do what we do best.

- Chris Mihalicz, CEO


60% of BI Projects Fail

But we know how to avoid, and fix, those mistakes.


Microsoft is the Future

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we know how things work


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