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Securely Store Your Digital Medical Records with Covenant BI

Our HIPAA-compliant Data Vault meets government mandates for accessibility and security.


If your practice closes, you can’t just destroy your patient records and call it a day. After all, records belong to patients, not you. Breaking medical records retention and destruction rules means big-time financial penalties — up to $50,000 per violation. Let Covenant BI properly store your data.


Curious what your KPIs would look like in a dashboard?

The Data Vault

User Friendly Interface

Enjoy a seamless navigating experience. Generate reports, search for records, and view details in snap.

Protection that Holds Up in Court

Your data is encrypted and locked. Anti-forgery tokens ensure that the data has never been manipulated or deleted.

Audited System Access

Every interaction with your data is logged. Alerts can be configured to activate in response to particular actions.

End-to-End Security

Total control over your data. You'll specify who has security clearance, the different levels of security clearance.

Total Control Over Data Residency

Sensitive data must be stored properly. We guarantee that you will always find your data right where you put it.


Your data cannot be deleted without verification. Our Data Vault holds data even in the event of payment delinquency.

Add Cyber Security Insurance

Choose from a wide range of cyber security insurance policies provided by our third party partners.


Save Money with Custom Pricing

Don't overpay for storage! Get custom pricing for services tailored to your needs.

Need a Data Vault? Schedule a free evaluation, or give us a call

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