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Our SuccessFlow Architecture

SuccessFlow Architecture is our approach to building Data Warehouses. We begin with the end in mind, securing quick wins, and iterating, assessing, and adapting as we go.

We exclusively deploy Microsoft-based solutions (Azure), which can be seamlessly integrated into any existing framework. Our data warehouse is built using the Kimball methodology, the standard for data warehouses for over 40 years.


The KPI booklet we made for InvoHealth

To assess the needs of our clients and identify actual business problems, we strictly focus on business benefits and deliverables. We have observed that many BI projects fail to realize their value due to bloated/changing requirements that lead to delays. To avoid such setbacks, we develop a full roadmap, with a focus on targeting rapid success and building from there.

All existing outputs must continue to function without disrupting existing business processes. Therefore, we design and build our solutions with the goal of not interrupting the client's existing information flow.

At our core, we prioritize delivering solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives through actionable insights.

Data is the new Oil. Know where to dig.

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