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 Healthcare Analytics 

A Pre-Configured Analytics Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Introducing Covenant BI Healthcare Analytics, a streamlined and ready-to-use solution that comes pre-configured for a variety of healthcare and clinical dashboards. This plug-and-play solution offers real-time insights into all aspects of healthcare and clinical data. Covenant BI Healthcare Analytics provides an immediate answer to your data analysis requirements, transforming vast datasets into actionable insights leveraging Microsoft Power BI.

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Customizable Dashboards

Users have the ability to design and adjust dashboards to craft narratives that depict their organization's current status.

Automated Data Updates

Any new data added to your database is instantly and automatically reflected in your data visualizations in real-time.

Data Integration from Various Sources

Streamlining financial, operational, and other business data into a central platform, enabling the creation of analytical reports.

Flexible Data Storage Options

Choose between cloud-based or on-premise data storage solutions to match your organizational needs.

Real-time Interactive Dashboards

Real-time dashboards offer insights into departmental oversight, risk assessment, treatment categories, average wait times, physician metrics, satisfaction rates, scorecards, and more.

Varied Power BI Subscription Models

Access Power BI through a range of subscription methods, each offering adaptable licensing options.

Healthcare Analytics


✅ Outpatient Registrations

✅ Patient Billing

✅ Pharmacy Reports

✅ Hospital Financial Accounting

✅ And More!


HIPAA Compliant Data Vault

Access all of your data in one place and save on data storage with our HIPAA compliant Data Vault. 

Fully Automated

Have the answers you need, when you need them with real-time fully automated updates.

Choose Data Residency

Dont want to use our Data Vault? No problem! We make it simple to connect your data so you can store it wherever you want. 

Fully Integrated Solution

Connect data from multiple sources to be viewed, transformed, shared and unified on one platform.

Custom Sharable Reports

Easily customize and share published reports.


Average Length of Stay.png


This dashboard tracks the patient journey from admission to discharge, covering wait times, average length of stay, lab result turnaround times, satisfaction rates, and patient ratings of visit comfort. Analysis of patient surveys and hospital records generates perception dashboards, guiding managers and staff on areas for improvement.


This empowers Healthcare Organizations to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and benchmark performance against competitors and industry standards.



Clinical dashboards provide essential insights for managers and medical practitioners, offering visibility into clinic operations, including patient queues, doctor availability, and staff metrics. They also aid in pinpointing the location of specialized doctors in relation to patient needs. On a daily basis, these dashboards assist in analyzing individual performance, clinician communication, nursing units, prescriptions, revenues, and costs.

Average Length of Stay.png


Sales Rep Performance.png


Similar to other healthcare organizations, hospitals handle and amass substantial data. Managers and decision-makers can oversee patient satisfaction, staff performance, wait times, departmental expenditures, income, salaries, and overall departmental quality. This enables more informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and care quality.

Doctors & Specialists


The Physician dashboard facilitates strategic executive decision-making to optimize daily efficiency and drive long-term improvements. Analyzing data like patient numbers, new patients, appointment times, clinician availability, and patient satisfaction ratings provides valuable business insights. This information empowers managers and staff to make informed decisions, preventing delayed patient treatment, untimely appointment setups, prolonged wait times, and patient dissatisfaction.

Average Length of Stay.png

Client Success

"Covenant BI has been a consistent partner for our analytics journey over the past 3+ years. Their expert Power BI consulting has empowered us to leverage data like never before, fueling our company's expansion. We're grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to continued success together."

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