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Manufacturing Analytics and Production Reporting 

"Covenant BI has empowered us to leverage data like never before, fueling our company's expansion."

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Data Visualization

See what's happening in real time. View history and predict trends.


Artificial Intelligence

AI: Apply machine learning and AI to ingested data for new insights.

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Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse: Extract data in real time for easy updates and smooth visuals

How we'll work together to implement Data-Driven Insights

We are here to help you at any stage whether experienced, or an early adopter.


Early Adopter

You are ready to make data-driven decisions and have realized that you need custom data reporting and analytics. We'll identify your needs, develop a strategy, and deploy your very own data-driven insights in record time. 

Business Meeting


You are already using data reporting software and have run into some challenges with modification and customization. We'll identify your needs on a free consultation call, develop a solution, and begin the execution. 

Unlimited data sources all connected into cohesive, real-time dashboards.


These examples were produced using Microsoft's Power BI service. Analytics dashboards like these give businesses the power to transform their data into actionable insights. With our easy-to-use interface, users can quickly create beautiful, interactive dashboards that provide visual representations of their data. Power BI Dashboards allow businesses to easily monitor their performance and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. With powerful data visualizations, users can quickly identify trends and outliers, as well as uncover correlations and discrepancies. These insights can help your business make better decisions and maximize efficiency. With the help of Covenant Bi, your business will have the tools it needs to read and better understand your data – without having to worry about its accuracy.

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Geoff Crain, Senior Director of Kingstar Media

"Covenant BI has been a consistent partner for Kingstar Media's analytics journey over the past 3+ years. Their expert Power BI consulting has empowered us to leverage data like never before, fueling our media company's expansion. We're grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to continued success together."

Harness actionable insights to drive revenue and scale faster.

Covenant BI builds Business Intelligence infrastructures using the world's most powerful technologies from Microsoft to help high-growth organizations regain control of their data and manage their performance.


Our strength is our flexibility, our award-winning team of experts with unique specializations combine tech savviness with business acumen to advance your company's growth. We go the extra mile to breathe life into your vision, and bring your team into the data-driven future.


Bothwell Case Study

We recently helped Bothwell Cheese build a dashboard optimized for finance and sales transparency. And the results? Their profitability increased by 20% (in a year) through eliminating SKUs and helping Bothwell Cheese focus on the strategies that were working for them.

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